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Ground Plan for WAC

Seating Chart for WAC

Ground Plan with Circuits for WAC

Westminster Arts Center at Bloomfield College (WAC@BC) is available for rentals by calling 973-748-9000, ext 1446.

WAC@BC is an intimate proscenium theatre with seating for 300 inside a turn-of-the-century brownstone church.  It provides a wonderful setting for concerts, theatre productions, lectures and other performing arts events.  WAC@BC combines modern efficiency, state-of-the-art technical support, and contemporary design with historical materials and motifs to create a unique ambiance for performer and audience.


Stage Dimensions

20x20 feet and rises 19 inches off the theatre floor.   There is no fly space; battens are dead hung.  Items may be hung that are approved by the technical director.  There is shallow wing space on both sides of the stage behind the downstage curtain legs.  No orchestra pit, but a pit can go down house left off of the stage or in the balcony with approval of management. 

Stage Deck

1/4" tempered masonite. No screws or nails may be driven into the floor.

Soft Goods (Curtains)

There is no front curtain in the theatre. People entering will see what is set on the stage from the beginning of the show. There are two downstage black legs on both sides of the stage with a traveler curtain at the back of the stage. There is a second traveler curtain 4 feet downstage from the back curtain (almost a mid-stage traveler.) The legs, and teasers are IFR 22oz. 50% fullness black velour. To maintain their appearance and longevity, no pinning/taping or attaching anything of any kind to the draperies is permitted.


WAC@BC has some assorted Platforms 4’x4’, 4’x8’ that may be available based on your needs. Discussion prior to your event with the technical director is required to insure availability.





















A two channel Clear-com communication system is installed. Clear-com positions are: Lighting Console, Audio Console, Stage Left, and Stage Right. Additional remote stations can be run as needed with prior discussion with the technical director.

Five Wired Clear Com headsets/Belt packs are available.

Backstage Monitors

Monitor are Located in the Green Room proper, Curtained men’s/women’s dressing rooms, both Unisex Restrooms.


A complete lighting system is available and is included in the rental.


Stage lights are supported by an ETC Element 60/500 lighting console. The light booth is upstairs at the back of the house. Rentals and designers are welcome to bring in their own consoles running DMX 512. Lighting Design work is not included in the standard rental agreement. Outside designers are welcome. DIMMERS and DMX control: ETC L8600 Dimmer Control Module DMX 512 (56 dimmers, not including house light control.) There is a single 20amp Non-Dim for Movers/accessories (located UCS in the Grid) switched at breaker panel Stage Left.

Lighting Inventory

The exact Inventory is available separately from the technical director. Inventory consists of a mix ETC Source4 ellipsoidals, Source4 Pars, Altman 360 6x12’s, Altman Par64. Our rep plot is usually acceptable for most people’s lighting needs. Time constraints typically prohibit a complete light re-hang. Facility renters must pay to restore the theater to the Rep plot immediately following the final production.


A cyclorama is available for use for an additional charge and permission by the Tech Director and Managing Director. A responsibility agreement must be signed in order to use the Cyclorama. The rep plot is gelled with R02/R05/R60. Renters may bring their own gel/color filters, or use WAC@BC’s selection.

Audio and Sound System

A complete sound system is available and is included in the rental. The main Audio Console is a Yamaha LS9-32 with 16 inputs and 4 returns at stage level. There are an additional 10 patchable inputs at the sound position. A secondary Mackie CFX20 – 20 channel compact mixer is also available. The 16x4 XLR house snake is run from backstage left to the audio position in the balcony. Primary playback comes from four (4) Senseries 10's cabinets configured in Stereo. A mono-sub is available upon request and approval of the technical director. There are two powered monitor returns (stage L/R) for use as stage monitors. Additional audio inventory is available upon request. 


The booth contains a:
1/8” mini plug Aux available for mp3 players/iPods/laptops etc
IBM/Lenovo Media PC (Focusrite Saffire Pro40 Audio interface)
IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop (CD, DVD, Digital Media)
Sony 5 Disc CD
Tascam CD01
(8) Shure SM58
(2) Shure SM57
(2) Shure SM94
(1) Shure 565D Unisphere (switched)
(4) Crown PCC 160’s
MICROPHONES (wireless):
(2) Sennheiser Ew100 G3series (Band G) Receivers)
(1) Sennheiser Ew100 G1 series (Band A) Receiver)
Option of any Three:
(1) ME/2, clip-on lecture lavaliere and belt pack transmitter
(3) Sennheiser E845 Handheld

Vocal Monitors

2 small vocal monitors are available for on stage musician/singers and can be setup out of the Monitor/Fold backs outputs on the board. 2 Side fill monitors are mounted in the wings for audio/performer fill.

A/V Systems

PROJECTOR: Panasonic PT-DZ6700u, is a HiDef ready 6k lumen projector. It is connected to the IBM Media PC work station in the tech deck for events or presentations. It is also ready for connections from 3rd party computers via a VGA (HDM15 plug) either on stage or in the control booth. Note: WAC recommends running AV from a different PC if the Media PC is being used for running digital audio.

Hardware VHS and DVD players are available on request. Note: WAC recommends playback of professionally or commercially released DVD’s as media created on personal computers are more likely prone to inconsistencies during Playback. Note: MAC’s may be used with the projector, though the Mac, and the Video Adapters required to connect into standard video formats (DVI, or VGA will NOT be supplied.) Neither can we provide any technical assistance on the Mac platform.

Additional Information

  • The theater is completely wheelchair accessible. We recommend guests requiring special access notify WAC@BC staff in advance and for any patrons to understand that the special access for wheelchairs/walkers is through the backstage door.
  • No tools or shop use are provided with the facility.
  • There is a loading ramp and a larger double side by side door with direct stage access; however, planning with the Westminster staff will be required before the ramp can be used.
  • There is limited storage in the corner of the greenroom for incoming shows.
  • No painting is permitted in the theatre. (painting outside on tarps is acceptable and WAC staff should be notified prior so arrangements can be made.
  • Productions must be self contained. We provide only what is documented here. Furniture in the Greenroom maybe be used on stage if your event/cast/crew do not need it backstage.
  • Parking in Bloomfield is metered parking ONLY (strictly enforced). On weekends, patrons can also park in the school parking lot.
  • There is no smoking permitted in the building.
  • ALL food must be contained to the green room or lobby. There is no eating or drinking in the theatre.